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Nutrition For Wellness

I know. I’ve been there. You’re confused and frustrated. You think, “What should I be eating?” “Is my diet healthy?” Or “I’m eating healthy, why won’t this weight come off!?” “Why do I become bloated and gassy after eating vegetables?”

Everyone claims to have found the perfect diet. Your neighbor lost 30 pounds on the ketogenic diet, but your best friend swears by being vegan. The media is no help either. They report on the benefits of different diets on a daily basis and who has time to navigate and interpret all the research?

It is difficult to navigate through all the modern day food choices to discover what foods your body thrives or dies on. One of Hippocrates famous quotes is “Food is Medicine.” While this can be true, not all food can be considered “medicine” in today’s world.

My Two Philosophy’s About Nutrition:

Not Every Diet or Food Works
for Everyone.

Even healthy, plant based foods, such as wheat, quinoa, or asparagus may be one person’s medicine or another’s person’s poison.

Every person is unique.

We each have our own “Bio-individuality,” the diet that works for you is very individualized and may change over time as you age or even through the different seasons of the year.

You Are Not Only What You Eat, But What
You Digest.

I believe the health of the gut is a great indicator of health of the rest of the body.

Hippocrates has said, “Death begins in the bowels.”

Optimal digestion and the ability to assimilate nutrients in the gut is key to overall wellness.

Nutrients from food are much like the spokes of a wheel, if one is missing the wagon limps along until other parts compensating for its failure, start to break down, causing symptoms.

Do You Suffer From:

    Resistant, hard to lose weight

    Digestive issues

    Mood swings, anxiety, depression, brain fog

    Skin problems, rashes

    Poor Sleep, low energy or libido

    Autoimmune disease


    High blood pressure, heart disease


If you are suffering from any of these symptoms or diseases, your body is not functioning optimally and may be missing important nutrients for total wellness.

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